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Are You Stressed Out by Your Marriage?

You may remember when you saw your future mate for the first time. Or you might remember the moment you realized that this was the person

Taking Tests and Stress

When Your Stress Level is Sorely Tested It might have begun with your first spelling test in second grade. Your stomach became queasy as y

Imagining Your Way to Stress Reduction

It might have begun with a picture in your mind’s eye of a sea shore at dusk. You pictured the large blue waves rolling over the...

Combating Anxiety: The Alternative Way

Perhaps you break out into a cold sweat when you have to deliver a talk before a group of people. Or perhaps you become nervous when you...

Are Your Kids Stressing You Out?

Remember the first time you saw your first-born child? You might have been amazed at her eyes, or mesmerized by the perfection of his...

When Marital Breakup Happens

You had high hopes for your marriage. Your first meeting was ideal—at a local church picnic. Your courtship was a dream—many moonlight...