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Get Happy Again REGARDLESS of your life circumstances

Do you feel unhappy, miserable, anxious or stressed? Exhausted and burnt out perhaps? Is your confidence and self-esteem in your boots these days? Has life lost its’ meaning and purpose for you?

My Crappy to Happy Online Program will teach skills, tools and strategies, that applied regularly, generate the inner happiness you desire, regardless of life circumstances so that you can experience life the way you want to CONSISTENTLY.

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About The Crappy to Happy Online Program teaching you how to be happy again REGARDLESS of what is going on in your life.

  • Holistic Happiness Course consisting of 8 modules, each with a different theme so that happiness is looked at and addressed from every angle.

  • Each modules is approximately 3-4 hours 'study' time a week

  • Each module is accessible at 7 day intervals (to allow new knowledge and skills some time to begin to be assimilated and integrated) before moving on to the next module.

  • You may take longer than 8 weeks if you need extra time (not advised if you want to maintain momentum but sometimes life happens such as sickness etc)

  • Modules contain various practices and techniques that must be practiced daily to get (and maintain) results. You will need approx 20-30 minutes a day for this on top of the 'study time'.

  • PDF downloads of all slides shown in videos available.

  • PDF downloads of all exercises and practices available.

  • Optional bonus hypnotherapy sessions available for download (one per module).

  • Messaging system in members area if you encounter any problems.

  • Extra teaching sessions done live every 2 weeks but are also recorded for catch up later if you don't attend.

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There are 3 payment options available for The Crappy to Happy Online Program.

  • One payment of £1500

  • Two payments of £825 each (30 days apart)

  • Four payments of £450 each (30 days apart)

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