Your astrological compatibility report will be delivered to you via email within 1-2 days.


To prepare this gorgeously presented, comprehensive and personalised 35-40 page chart for you, I will need the name, email address, birth date, birth time (if known) and birth location OF BOTH PARTIES.


Your report will also include a colour graphic of your actual composit chart. I use house system 'Placidus' but if you would like a different house system to be used for the analysis, please request it in the notes section of the order.


So what is a Compatibility Astrology Chart?


The Compatibility Report compares two individual's natal charts and examines the inter-aspects or synastry between them. In the following report, each aspect is examined to reveal the basic qualities of your interaction, with the most important factors listed first.


Please keep in mind that these descriptions are not meant to put limitations on the relationship, but merely to describe its inherent tendencies. Challenging aspects can become the greatest strength of a relationship if you can both learn how to successfully navigate those issues, with good communication between you playing a vital role.


For definitions of astrological terms, please refer to the glossary at the end of this report.

Compatibility Chart - Digital Only

    • This is NOT a physical product. It is digital and will arrive by email.
    • Since it digital, and cannot be 'returned', I do not issue refunds. However, if you do experience a problem, please don't hesitate to contact me so we can work something out.
    • On checkout, you will be asked for your shipping details. Unfortunately, you will need to add them even though I dont need them. It is a technical issue that is out of my hands and it will not allow orders without a shipping address.
    • The file will arrive as a pdf. This can be opened by Arobat reader, which is already installed on most devices. But if not,  can download it for free from HERE