What Clients Are Saying


I had a wonderful reading with Sharon, she has a lovely friendly manner, which instantly put me at ease. Sharon was very clear with her reading and is incredibly intuitive, everything she said made sense to me.  I definitely recommend Sharon if you're looking for a reading.

Had a reading with Sharon this evening. 
The cards were spot on with what I am going through at the moment, Sharon gave me the clarity I needed to move forward . 
Thank you x



Sharon gave me a very precise and clear year - reading.

She was able to accurately explain where I'm at right now (and have been in the recent past) and what opportunities will present this year.

She was able to confirm that an important decision I made, fits perfectly in 'the bigger picture' of my life. So happy with that confirmation!

Thank you so much Sharon

I just had a reading with Sharon and one would never know she has not been doing this for years. 

The reading of past, present & future were spot on and my question was one in which I was pondering a major life decision (one I knew the answer to but for some odd reason was still considering the other). 

Sharon's interpretation of the cards confirmed my own decision and have actually provided me with some relief that I am doing the right thing at the right time in my life. 

I look forward to sharing with Sharon how life pans out over the next 6-8 months and having a 2nd reading!!!  Thank you, Sharon.  Keep up the amazing readings!



I really recommend Sharon, her reading was fantastic, very clear and intuitive. I usually ask about work when I do a reading but this time it felt right to ask about my love life. I got really constructive insights on it that help me reflect and step back.

Sharon's knowledge in different areas of coaching gives her a depth in her comments that are truly precious. It's definitely based on the cards I got but these cards could have lead to different interpretations and Sharon gave me real precise and personal comments truly based on my experience.

She worded it better than myself! So big recommendation!

I recently had a tarot reading with Sharon relating to a specific person in my life.  

I gave no details about the person or our relationship and the information Sharon provided was very accurate, both in relation to our current situation and where we were heading.  Some of the developments she picked up on had already been set in motion and subsequent conversations with the person turned out to be exactly as predicted.  

I am very impressed and happy with the reading I got.  Will definitely return for another one!



I was impressed with my reading from Sharon. It was by necessity a little shorter than normal but still covered all the questions well.

It was obvious that Sharon had prepared well and gave me a very accurate reading. It answered all the questions with good clarification as needed .

Her communication is very clear & concise. I highly recommend Sharon if you are looking for a reading.

Sharon's reading was sharp and spot on. I have no idea how she could possibly know what I'm currently struggling with.

Now, after the reading I see my situation  more clearly and I can handle it in a different way. This is really helpful because I don't have to be stuck anymore!



"Sharon's readings are intuitive and transparent.

She gives each reading ( and client) the much needed time, patience and guidance. Highly recommend her."

I received  very accurate reading to my huge satisfaction regarding question I have asked.

It was a pleasure to do it with Sharon as she was very informative, gave my ideas and I understand it is for me to relate to it. Sharon is very approachable and kind.

This reading for me was 100% spot on



Sharon's reading was fun and revealing.  I posed a question about the possible changes to my future and she was able to give me insightful and fluid descriptions the card reading.

It was fun to do it online with her and she asked questions to delve deeper into the information. It was a great experience!

Sharon’s session allowed me to face some uncomfortable truths: that I need to rely on myself and bring forth my own unique talents more, instead of hiding them behind relying on other ‘experts’!

In just 30 minutes, she gave a very accurate summary of the recent past and a challenging reading of the present that gave me just the kick up the bum that I needed in order to step out of my comfort zone (which wasn’t working) and into an empowered future!

Her manner was accommodating, caring and succinct and I am very grateful for the insights I was given which have renewed my sense of confidence and reminded me how capable I really am



I had a tarot reading with Sharon & how accurate she was. Very friendly.

The info Sharon gave me was very helpful & useful. Just have to see if everything falls into place...

I would have another reading...

Just had a tarot reading with Sharon and her accuracy was spot on! I asked about relationships and her knowledge that came from the cards was so on point.

Thank you very much, highly recommend and shall be booking with you again soon!



I enjoyed my reading today with Sharon.

She didnt tell me what I wanted to hear but she did tell me the truth about situations and what I needed to hear.

I would recommend Sharon as she will make you feel at ease and put things over to you in a nice pleasant way.

Thank you for making some things clearer for me.

Sharon's down-to-earth and straightforward approach, coupled with her intuitive insights resulted in a very helpful reading which resonated with me on many levels.

Moving away from the associations of the Tarot solely for fortune-telling, Sharon used the cards and her insights as a helpful coaching tool with positive insights as well as preparing me for some of the obstacles I might face in the coming year and how I might overcome them.

l would recommend a reading with Sharon if you are looking for a clear picture of where you are in your life now, what motivates you and where your path may take you in the future. It was an enjoyable experience.



Sharon gave me a very accurate reading. It answered all the questions I wanted to know.

She did a lot of preparation before the session, which was very evident in her presentation. Her communication is very clear & concise.

I highly recommend Sharon if you are looking for a reading.

Sharon is very professional. She looked at my question (well I did ask two questions to be honest!) and used her own spread so that she could focus completely on my questions and get the right answers.

I am looking forward to seeing what she has told me come into fruition and feel much more confident about the direction my career is going in now.

Sharon was lovely to speak to and I felt a good connection with her and at ease with her and felt her genuine empathy and interest in my life and how to make it better.



Thank you for the reading, Sharon. What you detected was accurate and gave me a lot to think about. Particularly finding new perspectives on 'moving on' and detecting the cause as internal blockages.

Sharon is intuitive and direct. The reading was simple and clear cut.

I want to share with you my recent reading with Sharon, which was so good and has given me food for thought.

The reading itself was well organised and easy for me to understand and follow. The points that she raised were spot on and the whole reading was positive.

Sharon has a very calm presence which I found reassuring and I felt comfortable asking for any clarification or discussing any of the points raised during the reading.

Thank you, Sharon for shedding light on a subject that is very important to me at present, I value what you and your cards showed me.