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What People Are Saying

I feel so grounded with your course.. it builds a solid don't promise miracles.. what I have been given from you is genuine advice and almost like following a recipe..if you do this you get honest and absolutely works.

All I can say is that what I am learning and seeing is very different to what I suspected!!
The major battlefield I constantly struggle with is my mind... Your course has blown my mind away.. quite literally!!

Thank you to the universe who guided me to Sharon at a very timely period in my life .. I really feel like most days I see in colour now rather than just black and white.

I carried around with me a feeling in the solar plexus region..It has been with me for many years. I've got through so many life and death issues and as I told you I was done. Exhausted. I just wanted whatever it was to go away. I've given it many labels over the years...anxiety depression stress name it. Then one day I just noticed that feeling had gone. I can't even tell you when!

Yesterday I bought make up lipstick nail varnish and fancy shampoo. Normal for some people but I haven't bought make up for at least 8yrs.!!!!! I then bought some new clothes, had my hair cut and then went off to a staff meeting where my colleagues didn't recognise me! My hairdresser  had commented on how happy I was and thought I was in love :)

Feeling calm and just happy for some unknown reason and very relaxed right now x